Tuesday, July 29

mmm... Spanikopita

So I was in the Etsy forums today minding my own business when hoorah said the following:

panoptica! i read your name as panicopita, like spanikopita! lol

so I immediately went WHAT THE F**K? It turns out, as hoorah explained, that spanikopita it is a delicious vegetarian greek dish... which I am craving so much. Apparently they sell them frozen, but since I'm not in the US I'm gonna have to make them myself. I found a recipe, which apparently you can go to if you click on the title of this post.


Oh... and good thing it was not something disgusting because it would be associated to my shop...

1 comment:

GreenSpaceGoods said...

*drools* We LOVE spanikopita! It's fantastic. You must try it :)

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