Monday, July 28

On Blogging

I have to admit it: This is not the first time I have started blogging. However, it is the first time I attempt to do it seriously.

As my other (now deleted) blogs could tell you if they were still alive, I'm not a big updater. I always post a bit and then forget about it when school comes. I am challenging myself to do otherwise this time around.

I love blogs. I do read an awful lot of them on a big diversity of topics, but I have never come around the idea that people could be interested in what I did today or what I had for lunch, which probably they aren't. So this time I am trying a new approach.

This blog is kind of a tool to make my Etsy shop more complete and fun. I plan to post fun stuff I stumble upon here on the internet. I want to post some pictures of both the stuff I make and the stuff I see.
I want to highlight some of the great stuff I see on Etsy. And I want to have fun doing this...

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