Saturday, October 4


I am not one to blog about my personal life. I rarely do because:
a) I don't feel comfortable doing so
b) I don't really think anyone cares
c) My life's not really that interesting

But today, I'm going to blog about yesterday, Friday, October 3th, because it was a really great day. So here...

First of all, I woke up early (if you can call 8 am early) and the view from my window was beautifully lit. Smiles. I went to work where, even though the boss is very demanding, I got to do so many cool things. I had to book flights for guests who are coming from the US, Australia, and probably France. I had to confirm that local guests are coming to the conferences and that they receive the movie they are reviewing. I had to retrieve a package that was in UPS limbo. I even stayed at the office extra time because I didn't really care I was working a bit more.

While I was at work I received an etsy order, which I acknowledged as soon as I got it. That made me smile even more. I then went to meet my friends. There was an awful lot of traffic but I had my book so I read and read and read. Before I met my friends, I went to a store where I have some bottlecap brooches on consignment and, as some had sold, I got paid.

We bought tickets for a concert/party. I was having second thoughts about going to the event though because the entrance was quite pricey, but I was so happy I had sold so much stuff in one day that I decided I deserved it. Plus, all I earned yesterday was more than the ticket price, so I could afford it.

Finally, we went to the party which was on an amusement park. It was a real fun gig where I knew a llooooooooot of people, so I felt really popular, hehehe. Oh, and I met a boy I like, so that was a fun wrap-up to the day. I smiled all the way back home.

So that was my fun day!!! Oh, I'm right now working on some new concept: Collage bottlecap brooches. I had already made one before and it's over at my store. It is very lonely though, no views... But I hope the next ones I make do better.


TiLT said...

Now that is what I call a great day!

agoodwitchtoo said...

That is indeed a wonderful day! I'm all smiles for ya! Here's too many more just like that one :)

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