Monday, November 17

Open Letter to the EtsyBloggers

Dear EtsyBloggers:

You came to me as a miracle in a Storque article when I was losing all faith that my blog could work both as a fun thing to do and as a marketing tool for my Etsy store. Most of you are the sole commenters here in my blog, and I thank you for it.

Your 1000-plus threads in the Etsy Forums have kept me awake more than one night and kept me from fulfilling my obligations, but they have also been very helpful with everything Etsy related. I have met a lot of wonderful people in those posting conversations.

The thing is: I MISS YOU ALL!!!

With the holidays lurking around the corner, we have all moved on to do other stuff and have left the thread. It stays inactive for so many hours, it is so sad...

sO, the point of my letter is I can't wait till the holidays are over so we can pour ourselves into the thread are beat our posting records, have new members, delight in watching each other's Etsy progress, and being as supportive as we all usually are.

I send you a big big hug. You know I miss you all!!!


LazyTcrochet said...

You know, I was feeling the same way. I've been so busy, as have we all, but we need to be. So, I agree, it will be nice to have everyone there still when things slow down again. Thanks : )

agoodwitchtoo said...

Ah... Pudding! That is so sweet! How I've missed you! And the rest of the EtsyBloggers!

storybeader said...

glad to see you in the thread this evening - have missed seeing your avatar! {:-Deb

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Awww - Muchas gracias Jimena! We luvs ya too!

joeyandaleethea said...

How completely sweet!! You've said what I've been thinking. With my Etsy shop being temporarily closed while I sew my butt off, and the holidays quickly approaching, I've thought of visiting the thread more often but have just been swamped.

I do look forward to catching up with everyone and smiling as our thread numbers skyrocket after the holiday season!

But even prior to that, we should all try to make a commitment to each other and to the entire team - during our EtsyBloggers Holiday *S*A*L*E* - by visiting the sale's promo thread as much as we can for those crucial 4 days. Plus it'll be like a mini reunion! :D

Jimena with your heartfelt post, it's starting to feel a bit like Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Ditto everyone else Pudding...

We are here, always!


Head Bitch in Charge said...

It had been quiet lately hasn't it? But I confess I'm one of those who got busy! Our bloggy family will reunite soon, have no fear!

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