Sunday, December 21

Blogosphere Lurk

THat's what I do... I lurk through the blogosphere (as I do on forum threads). Sometimes I leave comments, but otherwise I read and read and take in stuff and bookmark on or reader.

The Fab Miss B wrote a post about this cool project by ReadyMade that focuses on art posters for the new economic crisis resembling those that were made in the 30s. Here's her fave one, and mine too. Go to the ReadyMade link above and you can read the article and download this and all the other posters.

Besides reading The Sartorialist, I have taken to read other fashion inspiration blogs. I came across one named Face Hunter and they have amazing pictures. They are based in London.

oVer at Booooooom! they did a Top 5 videos of 2008 list and this was number 5. It is incredibly creative and beautiful. It's Kraak & Smaak's Squeeze Me. (Psst... my computer is a bit slow so I haven't really seen the other 4 top videos, but you can see them yourself here).

ANother video: this one features the street art of Aakash Nihalani. Found over at Le Territoire des Sens.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Totally headed to go check out the Face Hunter blog....

uniquecommodities said...

Cool Stuff!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Face Hunter photograph! I love photography as a hobby myself.

Some of my family members call me the history keeper. Of all, I am the only one who brings my camera everywhere!

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