Monday, December 8

Blogosphere Watch

Oh God!! It's been a while since I've done one, but now I'm reading more and more blogs every time. I think I'm addicted!! Google Reader helps me a lot though...
So let me start with my old favorites:
Design for Mankind is having a giveaway.

Dear Ada is featuring the fabulous James Gallagher.

And then off to new things!!!

Buckminster Fuller's 'Starting with the Universe' at the Whitney Museum in NY. Courtesy of NY Mag's The Top Ten Designs.

Red bleachers with floor lights at the tkts booth in NYC's Times Square from NY Mag's This Year in Architecture

I resisted The Sartorialist for quite a while, but now I'm hooked. Needless to say I don't dress like that, but I'd love to!!!

The Fab Miss B blogged about an awesome singer called Josh Ritter, and I fell for his music. Tsk, tsk, she's an EtsyBlogger too...

The Atlas of Hidden Water is a UNESCO project to go with the Convention on Transboundary Aquifers. Found on BLDGBLOG.

dancing with strangers from katie sokoler on Vimeo. A nice video of random dancing found on Smitten.

Phew... It's over already!!! Hope you liked...


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Ahhh! Don't give me more blogs to follow! Ahh!!

Anonymous said...


uniquecommodities said...

I like the orange jacket!

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