Friday, December 5

Featured EtsyBlogger: SpottedCowSoaps

What kind of name is that???
Come on, we all know she's really called Ms. Moo!!!

Ms. Moo is definetely one of those EtsyBloggers everyone knows. At least I think they do. Her constant presence in the etsy forum threads makes me think they should know her. She's a real cool gal from Vermont who makes soaps. And SOME soaps... My mouth waters when I see her shop. But remember that soap shouldn't be eaten, otherwise you'll get butt bubbles. Besides that, I always want to shop in her shop (although I haven't purchased from her YET).

So for delighting us with her soap yumminess and encouraging our consumerism,

oH, and aren't her item pics incredible???

THis is m 75th post!!! Yay...


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I think everyone does know her...cuz she rocks!

SpottedCow said...

Thank you for the nice feature. You are such a sweetheart! I want to go south of the border and meet you in person! :D

uniquecommodities said...

Indeed Miss Moo is one of the COOLEST Etsybloggers on the team! Got to love her! Great Feature!

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