Tuesday, December 23

Pan Am Stewardess

I recently added a new item to the store. It's a Vintage Pan Am Stewardess Badge. I really, really love it.
Well, the thing is that while I was tweaking the listing on Etsy I decided to look a bit more into Pan Am to incorporate some fun trivia to the listing. I found the most amazing article about a girl who was a Pan Am stewardess, and she tells the most incredible things. Her name is Valeria Waterman and she flew around the world in the 70s with Pan Am. She got to know her passengers, played chess with them. She worked the Pan Am route to Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Beirut and Istanbul all in just 10 days!! She was in the last plane leaving Saigon in 1976 during the Vietnam War.
So, to read the whole story go over to Ultra Swank.


Random Musings said...

WOW! I forgot all about Pan Am! LOL

Anonymous said...

I too had forgotten, the name brings back memories, you have touched on some. Love the vintage pin find!!!

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