Wednesday, December 17

Winter Wonderland of Blogs

This is a blogosphere review in disguise.
Let's start already and do it in Christmas, white, wintery style:

On the comments for the last blogosphere watch, my dear Ruthie (aka roseworksjewelry) mentioned she didn't need more blogs to follow. Well, this week it's her blog that we are following. She posted this incredible video of the Muppets and John Denver singing Twelve Days of Christmas. This is my favorite Christmas carol, this very version. And don't you love how Fozzie keeps forgetting his part??

Today was doillies day. Really, I saw doillies everywhere. First, frozen doillies (yes, like doillies in ice) over at resurrection fern,and then a beautiful ok doillie over at we make words.

Joanna Goddard showed some nice headpieces in both her blogs (Smitten and A Cup of Jo). I looked a bit further and found this close-up pictures. Notice that these are pics so similar, yet they are from two different photographers and situations.

Camilla Engman made a nice tutorial to make oh so wintery, paper snowflakes.

Guy Sargent is an amazing photographer I found over at Le territoire des sens.

And finally a blog I have wanted to introduce for about a week now. You know how I had talked about themes?? Well, this one is the ultimate themed blog. Each post is a new theme. It's full of beautiful pics and trivia and awesomeness. Please welcome LenoreNeverMore. Her latest post was about eskimos. How much colder and wintery and white does it get?? oH... and she's a reader of Panoptica too, so I hope she catches this post...

Well, hope you like this wintery wonderland of blogs. Another blogosphere review will be up soon with all the cool stuff that don't happen to fit this theme.


LazyTcrochet said...

Beautiful! Those doilies in ice are amazing!

uniquecommodities said...

Cute Dollies and all I can say is the Etsybloggers team rocks!

TiLT said...

fabulous blogsphere review :)
can't go through a winter holiday season without the muppets :)

The Fab Miss B said...

Ice doilies=sheer genius! I wish we could do that in Las Vegas- its a bit too warm I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!!!



Thank you dear! Love your creative & inspirational blog too... Kisses*

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