Saturday, January 10

Arianna Page Russell

You've probably heard about Ariana Page Russell. She's an artist with a skin condition, but the kind of condition that allows her to draw on her body. The photographs she takes are impressive and you can see them over here. However, today I'm more interested in a collaboration she made with her studio mate Allison Manch called 'Leather and Lace'. It's a collection of temporary tattoos. They are really beautiful.

And I found some beautiful words in her site too:
A body becomes an index of passing time. Skin reveals how bones shift, muscles loosen, freckles and wrinkles form, and bruises appear. I am interested in this as a fashion of skin, including the way a blush decorates one’s cheek, freckles form constellations on an arm, or hair creates sheen on skin’s matte surface. Skin also protects us while revealing internal emotions, offering a translucent space for adornment.


storybeader said...

interesting outlook. Good idea about temporary tatooes - you can always get rid of them, but it might become expensive...

Anonymous said...

Way cool! And interesting outlook like ^ she said.

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