Sunday, January 11


It's time for a blog review again!!!

Found Laurenz Berges over at We Make Money Not Art. He's part of the Dusseldorf School of Photography, and now, he's one of my favorites.

Modern Craft
features Dryden Goodwin.

While browsing some street style blog, I found the link to Kafferepet, the blog of Miriam, a Swedish girl who just looooooooooooooves vintage stuff and dresses wonderfully. Really, don't miss it.

And talking street style, this is the last blog review in which I include all those types of blogs since I will be making a monthly Street Style Roundup over at a yet-to-debut site called Running in Heels. I will link to the roundup though, so you can see all the beautiful looks in the style blogs. And here it is, the final pic from Styleclicker.

Booooooom! features Diana Sudyka.

This beautiful illustration of mermaids came from Sean Morris's Paper Shields blog. By the way, she's called Debbie-Lou, the mermaid that is.

And finally, the Year In Pictures announces the exhibition "Can & Did - Graphics, Art, and Photography from the Obama Campaign" which will open up on Inauguration Day. A part of the exhibit is available here for you to see.


TiLT said...

Those are some fabulous images...thanks for finding & sharing

Anonymous said...

Goodness, these are excellent finds! Great job...

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are awesome images! Thanks for sharing!

Cards By Jenna said...

Very cool stuff! :-)

uniquecommodities said...

Wow Great images! You find the neatest stuff~

Miss BK aka Koyot here said...

I really like it here. ;)

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