Saturday, January 24

Blogosphere Review

Design for Mankind features Andy Council.

Dear Ada features Frances Hammond.

Abbey Hendrickson from Aesthetic Outburst guest blogged for The Storque about The Art of Arrangement.

Fellow EtsyBlogger Lilbees shows us her beautiful hometown, Pelican, Alaska, "where the grizzly bears outnumber the people, and it rains all the time, except for when it snows".

The beautiful India & I blog shows beautiful, colorful pictures from WHERE ELSE??

I love gorillas and Nothing is New features some Ape Art.

Record the Day is Lobster and Swan's way to gather all those "daily scribbles, inspirations and ideas".

Another Shade of Grey
features MjLeonard's Farm Fence pic.

An Ambitious Project Collapsing is a "depressingly awesome" blog I discovered just the other day.

A Print A Day is doing lacy stuff lately... yay!!!

Today and Tomorrow (a cool new blog I've been reading lately) features Michael Marcovici's installation Rolex Time Sand. In essence, the artist gathered all the sand needed to keep a sand clock working for a person's average lifetime: 29,160 kg.

The Daily Mail's feature on Time Warp Wives has been around various blogs. Do read the article linked above, but also see the video below. Oh, and comment with your thoughts please!!


uniquecommodities said...

Depressingly Awesome? LOL! Never heard that one!

flaming coppercat said...

some super great blogs here! thanks for sharing :)

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