Tuesday, March 10

Back to normal blogosphere review...

Oh how I love blogosphere reviews!!!! School had kept me busy from doing a proper one, hence the Long, visual, clickable blogosphere review I posted last week. I have to admit I loooooved that format, but for the sake of clarity and proper credit, I'm going back to the old format. But things are unpredictable, so who knows what the next review will bring???

Textile art by Hilary Denis on Another Shade of Grey.

Please Sir features Nancy Honey's photography...

... and Cacharel's Spring 2009 collection.

Kafferepet styles her sister in a bandanna.

Text Pieces by Stefan Brüggemann in Today and Tomorrow, but also...

... the Hemeroscopium House by Ensamble Studio.

My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses features Casey Jex Smith.

And Pinch My Salt, a new cooking blog I've been drooling at, gives us the recipe to a Quick and Easy Lemon Cake. This blog's recipes sound delicious, and the photos are pure food porn. I'm baking this cake tomorrow.

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