Wednesday, May 6

Influenza in the media...

Here are some images nice images of the influenza epidemic we've been suffering in Mexico City for almost two weeks now. I have mostly stayed home since April 24 since school was canceled. We are going back to school tomorrow...

There is not much more that I can say. I think the media is informing everyone of the facts. However there are so many many things that I've read and found weird. I saw a comment somewhere that this influenza thing was being blown up by the media. I agree, but to a point. I think it would be easy to say that if you weren't near the problem. Here in Mexico City every entertainment place was closed for a week by government mandate. Restaurants just opened today, and bars and movie theaters are still closed until the epidemic is under control. Schools will return shortly after a 10-day quarantine. It is happening!!

Some other people are saying it's just a government plan to make everyone fearful and obedient. It's state terrorism to fool us all and win the July election. Well, I can't say much about that. If it was indeed state terrorism I don't think it would have spread to the whole world. And to the people that believe it is just a worldwide government plan to scare scare us, well, I don't think I can change their mind.

THere have been a lot of abuses to Mexicans around the world because of the possibility that they have swine flu. That's pretty sad. Some Mexicans in China were quarantined without having any symptom; it was done just because they have a Mexican passport. I understand the government's need to keep their own population safe, but that's just like racial (national??) profiling!! There have been like 900 cases in all of Mexico, and we are over 100 million. Not everyone with a Mexican passport is gonna be infected.

But anyways, things are looking better now, and hopefully everything will return to normal soon.

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