Tuesday, July 14

Yesterday I was on my way home on a bus.
There was an Asian girl. She wasn't really beautiful, but she was impeccable, Sartorialist-worthy.
She had beautiful shoes with wooden details. Brown pants and a huge red bag, which I thought of stealing.
There was a man with every possible hair color on his full beard. And he had beautiful, deep, blue eyes.
There was a young girl with a cane. She was too young to have one, I think.
I didn't notice her until it was too late. Someone else gave her their seat.
Meanwhile, I read about language and Shakespeare, and sight and hearing. The Gutenberg Galaxy.
It's too 60s, I think. There's no place for the web in that theory (so far. I'm on page 39)
And it's raining, and it reminds me of London.

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