Wednesday, August 26

Back to school: What does it mean to me?

Back to school.


That was my reaction last week on my first day. Yeah, I wanted more vacations but it was no biggie. I was seeing all my friends again, everything was cool.

Day 2.
I am assigned as the first person to present in a class... A presentation?? Not so bad. Unless, it is the first version of my final essay. And it's due August 27. Yes, that's next Thursday. Yes, I have only a week to find a topic, read like crazy, and write something decent unless I want to fail.

So, all week I've been reading like crazy. Books, journal articles, anthologies, etc. I've made copies of over 10 books. I didn't go out of the house all weekend.

My essay is due tomorrow. A 7 page advance of my essay. I have written four. I am blogging. I still have to read some 50 pages for my essay. And other 50 pages for my other classes. I have to write 3 more pages. I have to go to class.

I don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight.

Oh yeah, and my complete and finished essay is due September 10th. Yes, I will have handed in my FINAL essay during the first month. My grade is going to be determined by then, but I still have to attend class and do the readings.

That's what back to school means to me....


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - that sucks!

ziazia said...

wow! que rara forma de evaluar, ni al caso eso de evaluar el progreso del alumno... espero que te haya ido bien!

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