Tuesday, August 25

The Etsy Mexico Team has the intention to show ideas, designs and creations of several designers that expose and sell their work on etsy.

We want to invite you to participate in our
first giveaway on september 19th

that we organise in honor of the
Mexican Independance day

that is celebrated on september 15th.

Here is what you could win:

A set of two round scrabble bobby pins by Panoptica

A black crystal red coral ring by TooFashion

A sunshine crochet necklace by JustineJustine

A screen printed Craftibag by ChocoRockandRoll

A black hand-embroidered headband by MireilleManuel

A green and stripes pencil case by Ziazia

A ladylike resin cameo ring with pearls by Foufouchat

A flower wristlet by Alexca

A wedding and mariposa bracelet by Glasspond Studio

Participating is very easy, just go to our blog and see for yourself!!!

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