Thursday, December 24

This year's Christmas presents for myself

So, on every occasion were gifts are mandatory, I get myself presents. So, I get birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day gifts from me. Not quite like that, but I do indulge on anything I've been wanting and call it a gift from me to me...

This year, I discovered this awesome store on etsy, The Curious Nomad, and I fell in love with her necklaces. I ordered one of them and reserved the other. Then I eventually bought the second one. Now that I have both in my hands, I know that I couldn't have spent my money in any other way (I could, but not on such beauty).

This is the necklace I bought first. It's called Utopia. Yes, ALL necklaces at the store have a name.

I had to reserve Ghalia (which actually means precious in Arabic) because it captured my attention. I eventually went back for it. Isn't it beautiful??

Apart from the absolute gorgeousness of the necklaces, you have to factor in that they come all the way from Dubai!!! Yes, Sana lives over there and somehow manages to send the gifts for the shipping cost and in the same time that any other purchase I have done from US stores.

On top of all of that, the packaging is absolutely beautiful and full of little surprises. I really, REALLY can't recommend her shop enough.

Thanks, Sana!!!

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