Sunday, April 26

Influenza paranoia...

I've been reading up on influenza, and god, is it scary!!! Specially, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

Just found this information on Wikipedia's article on the outbreak:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization are concerned that this outbreak may become a pandemic, because:

* The virus is a new strain of influenza, from which human populations have not been vaccinated or naturally immunized.

* The virus has produced severe disease in Mexico, and some deaths. Furthermore, in Mexico (but not in the United States) the illness has primarily struck young, healthy adults, much like the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918. This is unlike most influenza strains which produce the worst symptoms in young children, elderly adults, and others with weaker immune systems.

* The virus appears to infect by human-to-human transmission. Investigations of infected patients indicate no direct contact with swine, such as at a farm or agricultural fair. In contrast, for example, disease transmission in the last severe human outbreak of influenza, the bird flu that peaked in 2006, was determined to be almost entirely from direct contact between humans and birds.

* The virus has been detected in multiple regions within Mexico and multiple areas in the United States.

Influenza Thingie...

THis influenza epidemic in Mexico City is crazy...

Everything is being cancelled: parties, open events, and even mass. All schools from day care to universities are closing until May 6th, but it could be longer. All bars and clubs are being closed by official orders.

Everyone is wearing surgical masks, which are already sold out. They ACTUALLY look very good on everyone. I'd like to take some pictures of that.

People are going crazy paranoid, not even wanting to shake hands or go to family reunions (a case in MY family). A lot of people aren't even going out; the city feels quite lonely.

Everyone is suggesting that the problem is either way worse than we've been told or that the government is taking every possible precaution to avoid a massive outbreak.

Some English information in this New York Times article...

Friday, April 24

Dover Sampler: Art Nouveau

Long influenza review...

I'm having a day out of school due to an influenza epidemic in the city. So, here's a loooooooooot to see for the long weekend.

Wednesday, April 22

Curb Calling...

Suddenly, magazines are not the ones calling our attention to the latest fashions; bloggers are invited to the best events in Fashion Week. We can get our fashion fix whenever we want; real people, not editors or stylists, are the ones starting the trends.

What has happened to the fashion world?

Just wanted to let you know that my latest article on street style is up now on Running in Heels. You can see it here. The street style roundup will be up soon.
Oh, and the picture up there is from my latest favorite blog Buenos Aires Street Style.

Gift project...

It's an itty bity project, but I am so excited about it. It's gonna be a gift for a friend.
It's an Altoids tin candle. I originally found it on design*sponge, but I am gonna tweak it a bit.

Monday, April 20

Quote: Margaret Attwood

Another belief of mine; that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.
-Margaret Attwood

Sunday, April 12

More street art...

I found another great piece of street art this week. But this one's huge!! It's not graffiti. It really is more like a big, big painting, and it is incredibly detailed, and a little bit gory, too.

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