Thursday, July 31

Treasury Addict

So I was going to bed an hour and a half ago but I stayed up to post a treasury on, are those addictive.

This one's called understated elegance.

Understated Elegance

Wednesday, July 30

China's Olympic architecture

So the Olympics are 10 days away, and I have no intention of seeing them really. The Tibet riots left a bad taste in my mouth that no amount of coverage of the green and grandious Olympics have washed out.

However, I can admire the architecture.
The first two are the National Stadium. The last one is the Water Cube.

via We Make Money Not Art and The New Yorker

Tuesday, July 29

On room redecoration...

Yeah, so I am redecorating my room. Well, I am actually moving to another room in the house. It's painted green. My uncle is helping with all the wood there is gonna be in it... cause I want wood.

So here are some things on Etsy I'd like for my room... ehem... WISHLIST!!!

Berkley Illustration.




Dryad Studios


Whitney Smith Pottery

Featuring: Geninne

So I wanna highlight an Etsy seller today. Her name is Geninne and she is a fellow Mexican seller. Her shop is full of beautiful birds limited edition prints. I have hearted and I'm definetely going to buy one now that I'm redecorating my room.

Go check her store...

She also has a blog... and she posts more prints there...

mmm... Spanikopita

So I was in the Etsy forums today minding my own business when hoorah said the following:

panoptica! i read your name as panicopita, like spanikopita! lol

so I immediately went WHAT THE F**K? It turns out, as hoorah explained, that spanikopita it is a delicious vegetarian greek dish... which I am craving so much. Apparently they sell them frozen, but since I'm not in the US I'm gonna have to make them myself. I found a recipe, which apparently you can go to if you click on the title of this post.


Oh... and good thing it was not something disgusting because it would be associated to my shop...

Monday, July 28

On Blogging

I have to admit it: This is not the first time I have started blogging. However, it is the first time I attempt to do it seriously.

As my other (now deleted) blogs could tell you if they were still alive, I'm not a big updater. I always post a bit and then forget about it when school comes. I am challenging myself to do otherwise this time around.

I love blogs. I do read an awful lot of them on a big diversity of topics, but I have never come around the idea that people could be interested in what I did today or what I had for lunch, which probably they aren't. So this time I am trying a new approach.

This blog is kind of a tool to make my Etsy shop more complete and fun. I plan to post fun stuff I stumble upon here on the internet. I want to post some pictures of both the stuff I make and the stuff I see.
I want to highlight some of the great stuff I see on Etsy. And I want to have fun doing this...
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