Thursday, December 24

This year's Christmas presents for myself

So, on every occasion were gifts are mandatory, I get myself presents. So, I get birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day gifts from me. Not quite like that, but I do indulge on anything I've been wanting and call it a gift from me to me...

This year, I discovered this awesome store on etsy, The Curious Nomad, and I fell in love with her necklaces. I ordered one of them and reserved the other. Then I eventually bought the second one. Now that I have both in my hands, I know that I couldn't have spent my money in any other way (I could, but not on such beauty).

This is the necklace I bought first. It's called Utopia. Yes, ALL necklaces at the store have a name.

I had to reserve Ghalia (which actually means precious in Arabic) because it captured my attention. I eventually went back for it. Isn't it beautiful??

Apart from the absolute gorgeousness of the necklaces, you have to factor in that they come all the way from Dubai!!! Yes, Sana lives over there and somehow manages to send the gifts for the shipping cost and in the same time that any other purchase I have done from US stores.

On top of all of that, the packaging is absolutely beautiful and full of little surprises. I really, REALLY can't recommend her shop enough.

Thanks, Sana!!!

Uh... presents....

I know, this is to late for a gift guide. So that's not it. Too late for a wish list too. So that's not it. So, it's just a beautiful collection of etsy stuff I would buy as presents for myself this Christmas (if I had money to buy all of them).

For the record, there will be no presents this year. Austerity rules this year. Or like @shitmydadsays tweets: "Everybody's broke, so here's the rule for Christmas this year; if you still shit your pants, you get a present. Otherwise tough shit."

Wednesday, December 23

Oh, God!!!

I had been absent.
I had posted sporadically.

I had a lot to handle in this semester. I, for the first time, have had a regular work along with school. School was quite hard this fall too. My dad was offered a job in another city and he's been working over there since mid-October. He has come to visit, but I still miss him so much. There have been problems too, much uglier than I am prepared to accept publicly in this blog, and I just couldn't get myself to post usually as I did once. The finals were so hard and nerve-racking, but I'm now on vacation and will be until February 2nd. Christmas isn't as happy this year as I wanted it to be, and that sucks! I had incredible plans for it that won't be happening and the gloomy holiday mood has set in. Well, at least I have a promising trip planned for New Year's Eve.

So well, that's it in a nutshell.
Just in case you were wondering.

So, I'll post a bit today, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after that, but I will be taking the last days of the year and the decade off since I will be going away.
I hope to resume posting when I've had a fresh start for the year and have come back from my completely unplanned adventure somewhere in the first two weeks of January.


Saturday, November 14

Streetstyle Roundup

And fall has come... It's chilly, well, at least where I live!!
I hadn't done one of this for a while, so there's a lot to digest. But first I want to show you a Sartorialist pic from last January. I think that this silhouette and look is what the 00's decade will be remembered by; maybe with some different colors, some accessories, but that will be it. Apart from that, I think it's a beautiful photo.

And now, on with the roundup.

Tuesday, November 3

Quote: Woody Guthrie

Take it easy. But take it.
- Woody Guthrie

Saturday, October 31

Friday, October 16

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders is an Los Angeles fahion label by designer Scott Sternberg. His fall fashion collection is amazing. Both Band of Outsiders and the female collection Boy have incredible stuff and sweet lookbooks. See, their collections are photographed around LA with nothing more than a polaroid.

Here's the men's fahion collection modeled by Jason Schwartzman in Chung King Road:

And here's the Boy women's fahion collection modeled by Marisa Tomei:

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