Wednesday, August 26

Back to school: What does it mean to me?

Back to school.


That was my reaction last week on my first day. Yeah, I wanted more vacations but it was no biggie. I was seeing all my friends again, everything was cool.

Day 2.
I am assigned as the first person to present in a class... A presentation?? Not so bad. Unless, it is the first version of my final essay. And it's due August 27. Yes, that's next Thursday. Yes, I have only a week to find a topic, read like crazy, and write something decent unless I want to fail.

So, all week I've been reading like crazy. Books, journal articles, anthologies, etc. I've made copies of over 10 books. I didn't go out of the house all weekend.

My essay is due tomorrow. A 7 page advance of my essay. I have written four. I am blogging. I still have to read some 50 pages for my essay. And other 50 pages for my other classes. I have to write 3 more pages. I have to go to class.

I don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight.

Oh yeah, and my complete and finished essay is due September 10th. Yes, I will have handed in my FINAL essay during the first month. My grade is going to be determined by then, but I still have to attend class and do the readings.

That's what back to school means to me....

Tuesday, August 25

The Etsy Mexico Team has the intention to show ideas, designs and creations of several designers that expose and sell their work on etsy.

We want to invite you to participate in our
first giveaway on september 19th

that we organise in honor of the
Mexican Independance day

that is celebrated on september 15th.

Here is what you could win:

A set of two round scrabble bobby pins by Panoptica

A black crystal red coral ring by TooFashion

A sunshine crochet necklace by JustineJustine

A screen printed Craftibag by ChocoRockandRoll

A black hand-embroidered headband by MireilleManuel

A green and stripes pencil case by Ziazia

A ladylike resin cameo ring with pearls by Foufouchat

A flower wristlet by Alexca

A wedding and mariposa bracelet by Glasspond Studio

Participating is very easy, just go to our blog and see for yourself!!!

Sunday, August 23

Yummy Carrot Cake...

I had never baked a cake from scratch. I always used to buy boxed mixes, but then I read somewhere that it isn't actually quicker to do so...
So, the other day, for a friend's birthday I decided to bake him a cake. A carrot cake.

I didn't know what I was doing but the amazing recipe by Nicole from Pinch My Salt sure helped. It turned out great, and it was delicious!!!! I can say it is right in my top 3 of carrot cakes I've ever tasted. Yeah, I'm not being humble about it; I'm really proud.

Although it took a bit longer to cook than what the recipe said, nothing went wrong. I even added another half cup of grated carrot and it was all OK. The cream cheese frosting was absolutely perfect for the cake. I didn't do a double deck cake like the one in the picture but it still looked so beautiful.

I'll definitely make this cake again. I so want to eat it... Bad thing is, my friend kept the rest of the cake.

For the recipe go here. You should definitely try it.

Oh, and the blog where it came from, Pinch My Salt , has a lot of other incredible recipes. I've tried a few and I can say I have never been disappointed.

Monday, August 17


Continuing with amazing finds on tumblr, I am amazed by the incredible collection of photography on Sabino. Although he doesn't take all of the pictures, his blog reads as an inspiration board for his own work.
Very recommendable!!

Sunday, August 16

Summer is ending slowly...

I have to go back to school tomorrow. I don't want to...
I hate when summer ends. Here's one of my favorite episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete that's exactly about it...

Saturday, August 15

This is home

Erin from Design for Mankind has another incredible project.: This is Home

Quote: James Joyce

Mistakes are the portals of discovery
— James Joyce

Friday, August 14

Mexico Team Review

Hey, our team is doing some wonderful stuff. This week we featured two of our sellers in our blog with some incredible interviews: ziazia and GlasspondStudio

My teammates have been making lots and lots of treasuries for the team

and our Independence Day (September 15th) giveaway is already starting to take shape... so wait here for a chance to win some incredible stuff...
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