Saturday, September 26

Feature: BritishVintage

I recently bought a pair of seamed stockings from British Vintage, and I am delighted. Lisa lives in Edinburgh and she has an amazing selection of vintage finds. Here are some of my favorites.

Friday, September 25

Show yourself...

Yeah, I'm not that fun. Really I swear. I am a 21 year-old political science student who works as a research assistant. In my free time I enjoy going out with my friends, reading, being on the internet, and walking around. See... not that interesting. But hey, this vintage alter ego's of me I created at Yearbook Yourself sure look like interesting people.

Dover Sampler: Vintage Ocean Liners and Floral Vignettes

Sunday, September 20

You're the Top!!!!

I was reminded of this amazing song by Becky's latest creations. It's a song I loved a lot a while ago and I had completely forgot. So, thanks Becky!!

Oh, and this is the 300th post in this blog :D


I've been thinking this for a while. That's how I got through this summer where I had nothing to do...

Saturday, September 19


Ok, this is probably the last of the site reviews. I have told you about Melancolia before. Here is some more...


Having tasted his favorite food
he declared with pitched excitement
by way of formal written statement
to the local news and record
that he would no longer need any other types of food,
to look at, smell, or even be reminded of
and certainly not for feed.
Not ever again.

Peanut butter,
that was it for him

-Dallas Clayton


OK, OK!!! I know I'm the last person to discover this site. Well, I discovered it a while ago, but it wasn't until a month or so that I got excited about it and started following it. Here are some amazing things I've found there.

Friday, September 18


A while ago I posted about a tumblr I really liked, Sabino. Well, his constant posting (averaging 100 pictures a day) is too much for me, but I somehow see everything he posts everyday. I keep following me and he keeps amazing me. Here are some of the best pictures I've found:

Dover Sampler: Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Vintage Labels

Wednesday, September 9

Just a reminder...

so you don't forget the Etsy Mexico Team giveaway!!
There are so many amazing things by my teammates.

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