Saturday, November 29

Quote: Leopold Senghor

In Africa, when an old man dies, it is like a library burning to the ground.
- Leopold Senghor

Sai Hua Kuan

It had been a while since I posted, but I had to share this. It's an artist I found through the amazing Le territoire des senses blog. It is truly amazing...

Just some pictures...

Monday, November 24

I had a bad day...

I had a rough day. My printer is not being nice to me. I'm not feeling ok, either. But hey, here's my latest etsy purchase from JinnysTreasures. Bought it yesterday. I am debating if I should keep it for myself or give it to a friend for Christmas.

I am having finals and I WANT THEM TO END RIGHT NOW!!! Really, please?!?!?!

I want to find a way to go asleep tonight and wake up on December 13 fully rested, happy and having aced all my subjects. Possible? No... Desireable?? OF COURSE!!!

Well, that's all for today, and remember about the Trashion Trunk Show and the EtsyBloggers Holiday Sale!!!

Sunday, November 23

Quote: Garret Harding

"One picture is worth a thousand words," said an ancient Chinese; but it may take 10,000 words to validate it.
-Garret Hardin, The Tragedy of the Commons

*Quotes is a new section of the blog I just came up with...

Saturday, November 22

Team Trashion Encourages Shoppers to Go Green on Black Friday

Going back as far as the 1960’s, the day after Thanksgiving has held the unfortunate title of Black Friday. The name was given due to the madness that happens in highly commercialized places of commerce, but mostly because of the heavy traffic on that day. Folks are at the mall before the sun comes up, cars fill freeways and parking lots, money is burned on mass produced products and the gas it takes to get to them. It can get ugly.

Team Trashion, a unique, eco friendly, international group of artisans on visualizes a different sort of Friday following Thanksgiving. Team Trashion wants to encourage families to keep the car in the garage, leave their slippers on and curl up with loved ones and a second helping of pumpkin pie. Doesn’t that sound great?

On Friday, November 28, Team Trashion will provide holiday shoppers with a unique opportunity to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts that are innovative and eco friendly. Buyers will be able to connect directly with sellers at a virtual Trunk Show on Over 30 Team Trashion artisans will be showing a varied collection of handmade treasures all created from upcycled, repurposed or otherwise abandoned materials. The Team Trashion Green Friday Trunk Show will be overflowing with holiday shopping opportunities that would make Mother Earth proud. You will not want to miss it!

The Team Trashion Green Friday Trunk Show is at 7pm est – just the perfect time to grab a cup of tea and do a little shopping in the comfort of your own home. Here’s how you get there:

1 - Log on to If you do not have an Etsy account click here it's free to join, and you'll be glad you did!

2 - Choose the “community” tab at the top of the home page.

3 - Choose the “Virtual Labs” tab at the top of the community page.

4 - Choose the GREEN Treehouse “room” within the Virtual Labs.

5 - Sit back and enjoy the Trunk Show!

It will be great to see you there.

I designed the poster for the trunk show!!! That's the one above...

Tuesday, November 18

Shop like crazy...

In the last month I have gone crazy about Etsy. Well, I was already, but now I have been shopping. It gives me a thrill. Adding items to my cart and clicking checkout and paying over at paypal. It's such a rush to know I can afford it!!! Well, I have practically spent all the money I have earned on Etsy.

In my defense, more than half of what I bought will be made into awesome stuff I will sell, so it is an investment rather than spending just like that.

SO, I'm gonna show you all the things that have passed through my shopping cart lately.

This are from ClosetAddiction, for whom I have professed my undying love before. She's a member of Trashion Team with her other store. They are bobby pins with rounded pads.
Purchased on October 20.

These earrings were bought from JustineJustine. It was her first sale!!! She's a fellow member of the Mexico Team. They are really so truly beautiful. They brought earring happiness to my life again. I'm wearing them right now, actually.
Purchased on November 5.

These paper rounds are from LilyPadLounge. She has an awesome collection of new and vintage papers. I haven't received these, but I'm waiting anxiously. Some nice bottlecap brooches are coming out of these.
Purchased on November 8.

This gloves are from LazyTCrochet. She's a fellow EtsyBlogger. During BlockheadRadio Show we made a little sneak attack on LazyT's shop. I still don't know if I'm gonna keep these for myself or give them as a gift to my niece. I'll now when I receive them and put them on. I'm pretty sure I won't resist.
Purchased on November 17.

And finally, today's purchase, the one who gave me the idea to start this post. I had been eyeing scrabble tiles for a while but these ones from Pinkee made me drool. They are, as she puts it, wannabe scrabble tiles, but they are so cute. This purchase is half an investment and half for crafting a gift.
Purchased on November 18.

Monday, November 17

Featured EtsyBlogger: StoryBeader

This month the featured EtsyBlogger is StoryBeader.

She's such a sweetie and a poet too. She writes a haiku for every piece she makes and sells. The video above shows both her pieces and the haikus...

I had the privilege to tune in to the BlockHead Radio today and hear the wonderful Deb call in. She has such a cheery voice.

So recalling: She's a cheery haiku poet who beads and blogs and makes videos...


Yum....The Bestest Giveaway!!

Our dear witchy (real name: agoodwitchtoo) is hosting the best giveaway I have ever seen...

She's offering a 6 month subscription to her wonderful soaps.

You HAVE to participate...

Open Letter to the EtsyBloggers

Dear EtsyBloggers:

You came to me as a miracle in a Storque article when I was losing all faith that my blog could work both as a fun thing to do and as a marketing tool for my Etsy store. Most of you are the sole commenters here in my blog, and I thank you for it.

Your 1000-plus threads in the Etsy Forums have kept me awake more than one night and kept me from fulfilling my obligations, but they have also been very helpful with everything Etsy related. I have met a lot of wonderful people in those posting conversations.

The thing is: I MISS YOU ALL!!!

With the holidays lurking around the corner, we have all moved on to do other stuff and have left the thread. It stays inactive for so many hours, it is so sad...

sO, the point of my letter is I can't wait till the holidays are over so we can pour ourselves into the thread are beat our posting records, have new members, delight in watching each other's Etsy progress, and being as supportive as we all usually are.

I send you a big big hug. You know I miss you all!!!

Saturday, November 15

Mail.... Oh how I love you!!!

Mail is really an awesome thing if you get to think about it. It takes whatever you need from one place to another.
Lately, I have been having great experiences with mail: sending, receiving it and over at the post office. I am really in love with mail right now, and it is suiting with the complete transformation the Mexican Postal Service is undergoing too...

So because of all the mail happiness and efficency lately, I have been able to drastically reduce all the shipping prices in my store!!!!

Previously the bottlecap brooches were really expensive to ship, but I found a new way of sending them that you will love and won't hurt your holiday budget.

Now matter where you are, the shipping is under $2.00 US Dollars!!!!

If you are in Mexico, the shipping is 50 cents of a dollar...
If you are in the US and Canada, it is $1.50...
If you are in Europe or South America, it is 1.60...
And everywhere else gets the fabulous rate of 1.90...

Hope you like the good news, and remember that if your country isn't listed you can contact me and I will add it so you can buy with a true shipping rate!!!

The photo above is called Country Mail and is up for sale at Studio120's etsy shop.

Monday, November 10

Transportation Issues

I don't drive... I don't even know how to (yet), and it's not that I am a minor or that I haven't had the chance to learn, I just hadn't been interested in doing so...

See, I love public transportation. It's odd I know...

Today for example I was a part of what some might call the nightmare of rush hour in Mexico City's public transport. The underground was crowded like you have never seen it, really. People pushed each other in a frenzy but both the train and platform were so full of commuters that no one could actually get on the train.

Despite all that, I managed to start a conversation with some people and I made some friends under the stress of not being able to get home...

When would that happen if I had been driving???

THat's what I love about public transportation, even if it means someone needs to push me to get into the train.

Oh, and the painting above is Nathan Abels and it's called "Run-on Sentence". Cleverest title ever....

Sunday, November 9

These days...

The weirdest thing has been happening to me since I have been on Etsy...
Sales only come the first days of each month. It's the strangest thing.

My first sale was on July 15, but the next was on August 2nd. The third sale was on September the 2nd and the fourth on October 3th. The fifth "sale" doesn't count because it was a free prize from a my writing giveaway. The sixth sale was on November 3th.

So, what is happening here???

Any ideas???

Wednesday, November 5

Knitta's Great Wall

Remember I showed you some picks of a post cozy??...

Well, I found the original idea... It's Knitta...
However, they don't have any records of interventions in Mexico City...

Here's what they made in the Great Wall.... Love love love it...

And this actually reminds me of another thing I saw over at supernaturale once... Knit bricks!!! For the full story go to here...

Tuesday, November 4

Shoot the player...

I found this video... It's from a fun project called shoot the player...

Beach House: Used to Be from shoottheplayer on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 2

Oh, a theme!!!

I am a fan of design for mankind... it shouldn't come as a surprise really. Well, the thing is Erin (the person behind the blog) usually does themes. I don't think she realizes it but she posts similar things over a short period of time.

I, however, find really similar things over a short period of time like this...

This is a project called Foyers by Séverine Hubard, a french artist. I originally found it on Le territoire des sens.

Then I found this photographies on Etsy. They were taken by uhoh and are available for sale ;)

And then finally I found this pic over at my archive...

So, maybe I'm on to something... Just maybe...

I've been working full time this weekend... another temporary job that pays well... I'm loving the festival now though... I saw 4 of the movies this weekend... very exciting...
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