Tuesday, November 18

Shop like crazy...

In the last month I have gone crazy about Etsy. Well, I was already, but now I have been shopping. It gives me a thrill. Adding items to my cart and clicking checkout and paying over at paypal. It's such a rush to know I can afford it!!! Well, I have practically spent all the money I have earned on Etsy.

In my defense, more than half of what I bought will be made into awesome stuff I will sell, so it is an investment rather than spending just like that.

SO, I'm gonna show you all the things that have passed through my shopping cart lately.

This are from ClosetAddiction, for whom I have professed my undying love before. She's a member of Trashion Team with her other store. They are bobby pins with rounded pads.
Purchased on October 20.

These earrings were bought from JustineJustine. It was her first sale!!! She's a fellow member of the Mexico Team. They are really so truly beautiful. They brought earring happiness to my life again. I'm wearing them right now, actually.
Purchased on November 5.

These paper rounds are from LilyPadLounge. She has an awesome collection of new and vintage papers. I haven't received these, but I'm waiting anxiously. Some nice bottlecap brooches are coming out of these.
Purchased on November 8.

This gloves are from LazyTCrochet. She's a fellow EtsyBlogger. During BlockheadRadio Show we made a little sneak attack on LazyT's shop. I still don't know if I'm gonna keep these for myself or give them as a gift to my niece. I'll now when I receive them and put them on. I'm pretty sure I won't resist.
Purchased on November 17.

And finally, today's purchase, the one who gave me the idea to start this post. I had been eyeing scrabble tiles for a while but these ones from Pinkee made me drool. They are, as she puts it, wannabe scrabble tiles, but they are so cute. This purchase is half an investment and half for crafting a gift.
Purchased on November 18.


BeadedTail said...

Muy bonita!

storybeader said...

great purchases! You'll be able to make tons of things out of all the supplies. And the gloves - to die for! And doesn't it feel so good to help a fella etsyblogger! Good for you!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

TiLT said...

Fun stuff!
The wannabe scrabble tiles look like scrabble, only tiddlywink style :)

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. I am feeling excited just from peeking into your tote of treasures!

I purchased a cool hat from LazyT and am hoping to get it soon because we leave Tuesday to head north for the Thanksgiving holiday.


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