Monday, March 30

I'm obsessed...

...with perfume ads. Some of them are so beautifully done, and the music is always great. This one's Kenzo, and the music is The Shanghai Restoration Project's Introduction (1936).

Saturday, March 28

Moi Je Joue

This is some very good publicity... and it's directed by Sofia Coppola... very Marie Antoinette meets Le Ballon Rouge...

UPDATE: The song is 'Moi Je Joue' by Brigitte Bardot.

Wednesday, March 25

Featured EtsyBlogger: DesignbyNora

THis is by far my fave item from Nora's shop.

Her blog is full of incredible things. She answers one interesting question a day. I might steal that idea!!

Tuesday, March 24

Chunky Move's Mortal Engine

I saw this dance company last Friday, and they are truly amazing.

It's all very technological, but so beautiful and innovative. Here's a little explanation of how they do it.

Monday, March 23

La Plage!!

Uncreditable image. Don't know where I got it...

Saturday, March 21

Spring is here...

... and nothing makes me more excited about it than going outside and having a picnic.

I love carrying my red-checkered picnic tablecloth in my handbag and laying around in parks while eating sandwiches and reading. I do it by myself, but when I invite friends over, we always dress up and have beautiful 19th century-esque picnics.

By the way, here are 101 recipes to take to a picnic and a how-to guide in case you have no idea what to do about it.

Here are some springy flowers I spotted on Saturday... Apparently they are called pansies in English, but in Spanish they are called pensamientos, which translates as thoughts, which I think is much more beautiful.

My kind of street art...

Tuesday, March 17

Nick Veasey

I found this guy a while ago while flipping through a magazine. I kept his name, and now I'm posting it. Nick Veasey uses x-rays!!
"In a world obsessed with superficial appearance it is a refreshing change to be able to look beyond the surface. Beauty, after all, comes from within."

Monday, March 16

Room Redo: Door Stopper

I changed rooms back in July and my new room has been a mess ever since. Everything is still in the boxes; there are piles of stuff floating around, and I haven't got the shelves I need in order to put everything in its place.
I have this vision of a beautiful room, but I know its not gonna happen soon. So I jumped to the chance of doing something little that will help the room look a little more like I want it. In this case, a door stopper. I needed one because my door kept closing with the wind, and my mom just insisted on putting one very nice sculpture to stop the door, but the sculpture was too beautiful and I feared ruining it.

So, I took an empty mayonnaise jar and filled it with pebbles I collected in a beach in Brighton, England (they are part of my larger beach sand collection). And ta-da, instant door stopper!!

EtsyBloggers Carnival - March 16, 2009 edition

I'm so excited to be presenting this Etsyblogger Carnival. The topics to choose from were:
1). Spring
Tell us what you like about it, what you hate about it. Do you look forward to it? What are your favorite spring activities?
- OR -
2). Month 3
We are already on March!! What have you accomplished this year in real life or on Etsy?? Have you followed your New Year's resolutions? What are your plans for the rest of 2009?

Welcome to the March 16, 2009 edition of etsybloggers.

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Heather presents Spring is coming! posted at Heather's Custom Sewing.

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A Keeper's Jackpot presents Is It Spring Yet? posted at A Keeper's Jackpot.

Now let's go visit our teammates blogs and read this edition of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival!

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Saturday, March 14

Mini blogosphere review...

Glamour's American Icons over at Please Sir

Something's Hiding in Here show their house. I dream of living there.

Spinning over at Knittingdragonflies.

Closed Zone
: a little animation about Gaza.

The Geisslers over at Nothing is New.

A horse collection featured in Aesthetic Outburst.

Wednesday, March 11

My day out of school

I skipped school today. I did go, but I just went to the gym and then decided I didn't want class today. It turned out to be an amazing excursion. I saw amazing things and made a squirrel friend.
Here are some pictures from my cell-phone since my camera is still not working.
There's a rainbow in there. Can you see??

This benches are amazingly comfortable and soooooooo beautiful...

My squirrel friend trying to smell my cellphone. That's her tail...

Such a beautiful spot...

Tuesday, March 10

Back to normal blogosphere review...

Oh how I love blogosphere reviews!!!! School had kept me busy from doing a proper one, hence the Long, visual, clickable blogosphere review I posted last week. I have to admit I loooooved that format, but for the sake of clarity and proper credit, I'm going back to the old format. But things are unpredictable, so who knows what the next review will bring???

Textile art by Hilary Denis on Another Shade of Grey.

Please Sir features Nancy Honey's photography...

... and Cacharel's Spring 2009 collection.

Kafferepet styles her sister in a bandanna.

Text Pieces by Stefan Brüggemann in Today and Tomorrow, but also...

... the Hemeroscopium House by Ensamble Studio.

My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses features Casey Jex Smith.

And Pinch My Salt, a new cooking blog I've been drooling at, gives us the recipe to a Quick and Easy Lemon Cake. This blog's recipes sound delicious, and the photos are pure food porn. I'm baking this cake tomorrow.

Garfield Minus Garfield

Yesterday, I posted one Garfield Minus Garfield comic strip, but GOd!, there are so many good ones. So, what's this about:
Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.

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