Monday, March 16

Room Redo: Door Stopper

I changed rooms back in July and my new room has been a mess ever since. Everything is still in the boxes; there are piles of stuff floating around, and I haven't got the shelves I need in order to put everything in its place.
I have this vision of a beautiful room, but I know its not gonna happen soon. So I jumped to the chance of doing something little that will help the room look a little more like I want it. In this case, a door stopper. I needed one because my door kept closing with the wind, and my mom just insisted on putting one very nice sculpture to stop the door, but the sculpture was too beautiful and I feared ruining it.

So, I took an empty mayonnaise jar and filled it with pebbles I collected in a beach in Brighton, England (they are part of my larger beach sand collection). And ta-da, instant door stopper!!

1 comment:

agoodwitchtoo said...

I like this idea!

I'm still living out of boxes in some areas of the house too! I've also come to the conclusion that I need more shelves :)

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