Tuesday, February 3


As always, it is a pleasure for me to do this blogosphere reviews. As always, there are some amazing things in the web. If you'd like to see more of this beautiful things go over to any of the sites in the blogroll. I bet you'll be amazed.

Resurrection Fern features Mary A. Wakeley

features Mark Weaver.

features Resurrection Fern's new work.

Please Sir features Tara Donovan.

Kafferepet shows her hair-do tutorials.

Today and Tomorrow
features Lisa Oppenheim's Multicultural Crayon Displacement.

As always, great photography over at Smosch.

An Ambitious Project Collapsing photographs typewriter ribbon tins.

Yesterday was dramatic, today is ok is another blog with beautiful pictures from India.

We Make Money Not Art shows us the amazing transformations of Chinese cities.

The Year In Pictures streams what was hip 40 years ago: The Beatles Rooftop Concert.

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