Sunday, September 21

Featuring: Closet Addiction

I recently bought optical lenses from ClosetAddiction, and I HAD to feature her here. She sells supplies, but albeit real beautiful and vintage ones.

She has the greatest customer service: Two of my optical lenses arrived broken. Apparently the mail isn't really careful with our packages. I mentioned it to Elizabeth (that's her real name) for her future packing, and she insisted on sending me a replacement. I told her it wasn't really necessary, and I never heard from her again UNTIL the replacement lenses arrived in perfect condition this week.

She runs a second shop called KeysAndMemories, where she puts to use some of her nice supplies for jewelry...

So if you need supplies, check her out. I know I will be...


roseworksjewelry said...

Thanks for this feature Jimena - I know I'll be checking her out!

Kim said...

nice blog..very interesting!
Thanks for checking mine out!


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