Monday, July 13

Sitting bored at work and a desire for the beach

Today is my first official work day. I'm kind of bored. I don't have much to do.
I've been on blogs, facebook and twitter all day.

I had tricked myself into believing that I'd find the time to go on vacation with my friends, even just a weekend would be fine, I said. But sitting here and browsing the web made me realize that not only do I want to go out of the city for a while, but I also desperately need the beach. I had repeatedly told myself that I wanted to go to a colonial city and explore, explore, explore. I want that too... but the beach is so much at the essence of what a summer vacation is.

So, I think I wait till I am paid and then wander around during weekends or maybe even skip a day from work. (Always a good first day thought).

This are the incredible photos that made me realize I do want the beach. They're part of a series called Windows by Denise Kupferschmidt, whom I found via Design for Mankind today.

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Awesome photos - I hope you make it to the beach soon!

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